Mid Atlantic Pump & Equipment Company offers products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems.

aspiration wormaspiration worm

hour-glass wormhour-glass worm

irreversible wormirreversible worm

multithreaded wormmultithreaded worm

one-thread wormone-thread worm

two-thread wormtwo-thread worm

worm gearworm gear

worm gearingworm gearing

worm pressworm press

worm shaftworm shaft

worm wheelworm wheel

aspiration wormaspiration worm

concave wormconcave worm

cooling wormcooling worm

double-enveloping wormdouble-enveloping worm

double-thread wormdouble-thread worm

extrusion wormextrusion worm

grain wormgrain worm

grinding wormgrinding worm

hasher wormhasher worm

hourglass wormhourglass worm

involute worminvolute worm

irreversible wormirreversible worm

kneading wormkneading worm

left-hand wormleft-hand worm

multithreaded wormmultithreaded worm

needle cam wormneedle cam worm

packing wormpacking worm

right-hand wormright-hand worm

single-threaded wormsingle-threaded worm

stoning wormstoning worm

throated wormthroated worm

waisted wormwaisted worm

worm augerworm auger

worm beaterworm beater

worm conveyorworm conveyor

WORM diskWORM disk

worm extruderworm extruder

worm feederworm feeder

worm gearworm gear

worm gearingworm gearing

worm grooveworm groove

worm hobworm hob

worm holeworm hole

worm nutworm nut

worm of conscienceworm of conscience

worm oneself into smb.'s favourworm oneself into smb.'s favour

worm oneself into smb.'s good gracesworm oneself into smb.'s good graces

worm outworm out

worm pressworm press

worm programworm program

worm reduction gearboxworm reduction gearbox

worm scalderworm scalder

worm screwworm screw

worm shaftworm shaft

worm threadworm thread

worm wheelworm wheel

worm's eye viewworm's eye view

worm's-eye viewworm's-eye view

worm-and-roller steering gearworm-and-roller steering gear

worm-and-sector steering gearworm-and-sector steering gear

worm-and-wheel gearboxworm-and-wheel gearbox

worm-and-worm gearworm-and-worm gear

worm-and-worm pairworm-and-worm pair









aspiration worm hour-glass worm irreversible worm multithreaded worm one-thread worm two-thread worm worm gear worm gearing worm press worm shaft worm wheel aspiration worm concave worm cooling worm double-enveloping worm double-thread worm extrusion worm grain worm grinding worm hasher worm hourglass worm involute worm irreversible worm kneading worm left-hand worm multithreaded worm needle cam worm packing worm right-hand worm single-threaded worm stoning worm throated worm waisted worm worm auger worm beater worm conveyor WORM disk worm extruder worm feeder worm gear worm gearing worm groove worm hob worm hole worm nut worm of conscience worm oneself into smb.'s favour worm oneself into smb.'s good graces worm out worm press worm program worm reduction gearbox worm scalder worm screw worm shaft worm thread worm wheel worm's eye view worm's-eye view worm-and-roller steering gear worm-and-sector steering gear worm-and-wheel gearbox worm-and-worm gear worm-and-worm pair worm-eaten worm-fishing worm-gear worm-grass worm-hole worm-infested worm-seed worm-wheel

Pre packaged pump stations in fiberglass or steel construction

Integrated control systems in standard as well as custom designs are available in constant or variable speed

A full staff of factory trained engineers on hand to handle your specific inquiry Mixers/Hoists/Winches for standard or specialized applications, including OEM Variable Frequency Drives

pumps, mixers, hoists, winches, cranes, pump stations, water boosters and much other products for standard or specialized applications, including OEM products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems. We are offering vortex pumps, slurry pumps, agitator pumps, davit cranes, lifting devices, worm gears, pump stations, water boosters, mixed flowes, floating pumps, barge pumps, variable frequency drives, vfd's, recessed impellers, mixers, etc...

Factory trained personnel available for start up service and training on all equipment