Mid Atlantic Pump & Equipment Company offers products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems.

Francis turbineFrancis turbine

Kaplan turbineKaplan turbine

Pelton turbinePelton turbine

ahead turbineahead turbine

astern turbineastern turbine

axial-flow turbineaxial-flow turbine

back-pressure turbineback-pressure turbine

bleeder turbinebleeder turbine

condensing turbinecondensing turbine

extraction turbineextraction turbine

extraction turbineextraction turbine

gas turbinegas turbine

gate-blade turbinegate-blade turbine

high-pressure turbinehigh-pressure turbine

house turbinehouse turbine

impulse turbineimpulse turbine

impulse-reaction turbineimpulse-reaction turbine

marine turbinemarine turbine

million-kilowatt turbinemillion-kilowatt turbine

multi-cylinder turbinemulti-cylinder turbine

multi-stage turbinemulti-stage turbine

radial-flow turbineradial-flow turbine

steam turbinesteam turbine

throttling turbinethrottling turbine

topping turbinetopping turbine

turbine blowerturbine blower

turbine casingturbine casing

turbine condensateturbine condensate

turbine diskturbine disk

turbine flowmeterturbine flowmeter

turbine oilturbine oil

turbine plantturbine plant

turbine roomturbine room

turbine runnerturbine runner

turbine scutcherturbine scutcher

turbine settingturbine setting

turbine spindleturbine spindle

turbine starterturbine starter

turbine wheelturbine wheel

two-stage gas turbinetwo-stage gas turbine

water turbinewater turbine

wind turbinewind turbine

action turbineaction turbine

adjustable-blade propeller turbineadjustable-blade propeller turbine

ahead turbineahead turbine

air turbineair turbine

astern turbineastern turbine

auxiliary turbineauxiliary turbine

axial flow turbineaxial flow turbine

back-pressure turbineback-pressure turbine

bottom turbinebottom turbine

bulb-type turbinebulb-type turbine

centrifugal turbinecentrifugal turbine

cogeneration turbinecogeneration turbine

compensation water turbinecompensation water turbine

condensing turbinecondensing turbine

counter-pressure turbinecounter-pressure turbine

cross-compound turbinecross-compound turbine

cruising turbinecruising turbine

cryogenic expansion turbinecryogenic expansion turbine

Deriaz turbineDeriaz turbine

diagonal-flow turbinediagonal-flow turbine

double-casing turbinedouble-casing turbine

double-flow turbinedouble-flow turbine

double-jet turbinedouble-jet turbine

double-runner four-jet Pelton turbinedouble-runner four-jet Pelton turbine

exhaust turbineexhaust turbine

extraction turbineextraction turbine

feed-pump turbinefeed-pump turbine

field turbinefield turbine

fixed-blade turbinefixed-blade turbine

four-jet turbinefour-jet turbine

Francis turbineFrancis turbine

Francis turbine with movable bladesFrancis turbine with movable blades

free-jet type turbinefree-jet type turbine

free power turbinefree power turbine

gas turbinegas turbine

governed turbinegoverned turbine

high-head turbinehigh-head turbine

high-pressure turbinehigh-pressure turbine

high-specific-speed turbinehigh-specific-speed turbine

horizontal-shaft turbinehorizontal-shaft turbine

house turbinehouse turbine

hush turbinehush turbine

hydraulic turbinehydraulic turbine

impulse turbineimpulse turbine

incased turbineincased turbine

inward-flow central discharge turbineinward-flow central discharge turbine

Jonval axial-flow turbineJonval axial-flow turbine

Kaplan turbineKaplan turbine

low-head turbinelow-head turbine

low-pressure turbinelow-pressure turbine

low-specific-speed turbinelow-specific-speed turbine

marine turbinemarine turbine

middle-pressure turbinemiddle-pressure turbine

mixed-flow turbinemixed-flow turbine

mixed-pressure turbinemixed-pressure turbine

multinozzle impulse turbinemultinozzle impulse turbine

multiple-jet Pelton turbinemultiple-jet Pelton turbine

multistage turbinemultistage turbine

noncondensing turbinenoncondensing turbine

oil-fired gas turbineoil-fired gas turbine

outward-flow turbineoutward-flow turbine

Pelton-type turbinePelton-type turbine

Pelton vertical-shaft turbinePelton vertical-shaft turbine

peripheral-admission turbineperipheral-admission turbine

propeller-type wheel turbinepropeller-type wheel turbine

propulsion turbinepropulsion turbine

radial-axial turbineradial-axial turbine

radial-flow turbineradial-flow turbine

reaction turbinereaction turbine

reaction turbine with velocity stagesreaction turbine with velocity stages

reaction-type hydraulic turbinereaction-type hydraulic turbine

reheat turbinereheat turbine

simple turbinesimple turbine

simple-impulse turbinesimple-impulse turbine

single-casing turbinesingle-casing turbine

single-flow turbinesingle-flow turbine

single-jet turbinesingle-jet turbine

single-pass turbinesingle-pass turbine

single-runner Francis turbinesingle-runner Francis turbine

single-stage turbinesingle-stage turbine

single-wheel Pelton turbinesingle-wheel Pelton turbine

slant-axis turbineslant-axis turbine

spiral-cased turbinespiral-cased turbine

stationary turbinestationary turbine

steam turbinesteam turbine

straight-flow turbinestraight-flow turbine

topping turbinetopping turbine

top-pressure recovery turbinetop-pressure recovery turbine

tube turbinetube turbine

tubular turbinetubular turbine

Turgo turbineTurgo turbine

two-shaft turbinetwo-shaft turbine

velocity turbinevelocity turbine

vertical-shaft turbinevertical-shaft turbine

water-cooled high-temperature gas turbinewater-cooled high-temperature gas turbine

wet-steam turbinewet-steam turbine

turbine air motorturbine air motor

turbine bladeturbine blade

turbine blade twistturbine blade twist

turbine blowerturbine blower

turbine buildingturbine building

turbine capacityturbine capacity

turbine casingturbine casing

turbine compressorturbine compressor

turbine condensateturbine condensate

turbine couplingturbine coupling

turbine crownturbine crown

turbine diskturbine disk

turbine disk rimturbine disk rim

turbine drierturbine drier

turbine driveturbine drive

turbine efficiency testturbine efficiency test

turbine engineturbine engine

turbine exhaustturbine exhaust

turbine exhaust fairingturbine exhaust fairing

turbine exhaust pressureturbine exhaust pressure

turbine expanderturbine expander

turbine expansion engineturbine expansion engine

turbine finturbine fin

turbine fuelturbine fuel

turbine gateturbine gate

turbine generatorturbine generator

turbine half annexturbine half annex

turbine houseturbine house

turbine housingturbine housing

turbine inlet valveturbine inlet valve

turbine inspectionturbine inspection

turbine installationturbine installation

turbine islandturbine island

turbine mixerturbine mixer

turbine motorturbine motor

turbine oilturbine oil

turbine operationturbine operation

turbine outputturbine output

turbine pitturbine pit

turbine plantturbine plant

turbine pumpturbine pump

turbine roomturbine room

turbine rotor bladeturbine rotor blade

turbine runnerturbine runner

turbine scrollturbine scroll

turbine scutcherturbine scutcher

turbine setturbine set

turbine settingturbine setting

turbine shutoff valveturbine shutoff valve

turbine spindleturbine spindle

turbine spoolturbine spool

turbine stageturbine stage

turbine stall torqueturbine stall torque

turbine starterturbine starter

turbine supply tunnelturbine supply tunnel

turbine towerturbine tower

turbine wheelturbine wheel

turbine wheel finturbine wheel fin

turbine wheels spacerturbine wheels spacer


turbine-driven blowerturbine-driven blower

turbine-driven compressorturbine-driven compressor

turbine-driven generatorturbine-driven generator

turbine-driven setturbine-driven set

turbine-generator setturbine-generator set

turbine-pump assemblyturbine-pump assembly

turbine-type agitatorturbine-type agitator

turbine-type flowmeterturbine-type flowmeter

turbine-type generatorturbine-type generator

turbine-type mixerturbine-type mixer

turbine-type windmillturbine-type windmill

Francis turbine Kaplan turbine Pelton turbine ahead turbine astern turbine axial-flow turbine back-pressure turbine bleeder turbine condensing turbine extraction turbine extraction turbine gas turbine gate-blade turbine high-pressure turbine house turbine impulse turbine impulse-reaction turbine marine turbine million-kilowatt turbine multi-cylinder turbine multi-stage turbine radial-flow turbine steam turbine throttling turbine topping turbine turbine blower turbine casing turbine condensate turbine disk turbine flowmeter turbine oil turbine plant turbine room turbine runner turbine scutcher turbine setting turbine spindle turbine starter turbine wheel two-stage gas turbine water turbine wind turbine action turbine adjustable-blade propeller turbine ahead turbine air turbine astern turbine auxiliary turbine axial flow turbine back-pressure turbine bottom turbine bulb-type turbine centrifugal turbine cogeneration turbine compensation water turbine condensing turbine counter-pressure turbine cross-compound turbine cruising turbine cryogenic expansion turbine Deriaz turbine diagonal-flow turbine double-casing turbine double-flow turbine double-jet turbine double-runner four-jet Pelton turbine exhaust turbine extraction turbine feed-pump turbine field turbine fixed-blade turbine four-jet turbine Francis turbine Francis turbine with movable blades free-jet type turbine free power turbine gas turbine governed turbine high-head turbine high-pressure turbine high-specific-speed turbine horizontal-shaft turbine house turbine hush turbine hydraulic turbine impulse turbine incased turbine inward-flow central discharge turbine Jonval axial-flow turbine Kaplan turbine low-head turbine low-pressure turbine low-specific-speed turbine marine turbine middle-pressure turbine mixed-flow turbine mixed-pressure turbine multinozzle impulse turbine multiple-jet Pelton turbine multistage turbine noncondensing turbine oil-fired gas turbine outward-flow turbine Pelton-type turbine Pelton vertical-shaft turbine peripheral-admission turbine propeller-type wheel turbine propulsion turbine radial-axial turbine radial-flow turbine reaction turbine reaction turbine with velocity stages reaction-type hydraulic turbine reheat turbine simple turbine simple-impulse turbine single-casing turbine single-flow turbine single-jet turbine single-pass turbine single-runner Francis turbine single-stage turbine single-wheel Pelton turbine slant-axis turbine spiral-cased turbine stationary turbine steam turbine straight-flow turbine topping turbine top-pressure recovery turbine tube turbine tubular turbine Turgo turbine two-shaft turbine velocity turbine vertical-shaft turbine water-cooled high-temperature gas turbine wet-steam turbine turbine air motor turbine blade turbine blade twist turbine blower turbine building turbine capacity turbine casing turbine compressor turbine condensate turbine coupling turbine crown turbine disk turbine disk rim turbine drier turbine drive turbine efficiency test turbine engine turbine exhaust turbine exhaust fairing turbine exhaust pressure turbine expander turbine expansion engine turbine fin turbine fuel turbine gate turbine generator turbine half annex turbine house turbine housing turbine inlet valve turbine inspection turbine installation turbine island turbine mixer turbine motor turbine oil turbine operation turbine output turbine pit turbine plant turbine pump turbine room turbine rotor blade turbine runner turbine scroll turbine scutcher turbine set turbine setting turbine shutoff valve turbine spindle turbine spool turbine stage turbine stall torque turbine starter turbine supply tunnel turbine tower turbine wheel turbine wheel fin turbine wheels spacer turbine-driven turbine-driven blower turbine-driven compressor turbine-driven generator turbine-driven set turbine-generator set turbine-pump assembly turbine-type agitator turbine-type flowmeter turbine-type generator turbine-type mixer turbine-type windmill

Pre packaged pump stations in fiberglass or steel construction

Integrated control systems in standard as well as custom designs are available in constant or variable speed

A full staff of factory trained engineers on hand to handle your specific inquiry Mixers/Hoists/Winches for standard or specialized applications, including OEM Variable Frequency Drives

pumps, mixers, hoists, winches, cranes, pump stations, water boosters and much other products for standard or specialized applications, including OEM products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems. We are offering vortex pumps, slurry pumps, agitator pumps, davit cranes, lifting devices, worm gears, pump stations, water boosters, mixed flowes, floating pumps, barge pumps, variable frequency drives, vfd's, recessed impellers, mixers, etc...

Factory trained personnel available for start up service and training on all equipment