Mid Atlantic Pump & Equipment Company offers products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems.

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Pre packaged pump stations in fiberglass or steel construction

Integrated control systems in standard as well as custom designs are available in constant or variable speed

A full staff of factory trained engineers on hand to handle your specific inquiry Mixers/Hoists/Winches for standard or specialized applications, including OEM Variable Frequency Drives

pumps, mixers, hoists, winches, cranes, pump stations, water boosters and much other products for standard or specialized applications, including OEM products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems. We are offering vortex pumps, slurry pumps, agitator pumps, davit cranes, lifting devices, worm gears, pump stations, water boosters, mixed flowes, floating pumps, barge pumps, variable frequency drives, vfd's, recessed impellers, mixers, etc...

Factory trained personnel available for start up service and training on all equipment