Mid Atlantic Pump & Equipment Company offers products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems.

gear downgear down

gear intogear into

gear togear to

gear upgear up

adjusting gearadjusting gear

anchor-handling gearanchor-handling gear

azimuth gearazimuth gear

ball-and-disk gearball-and-disk gear

barring gearbarring gear

bevel gearbevel gear

boat-handling gearboat-handling gear

brake gearbrake gear

brush gearbrush gear

buffer gearbuffer gear

cable gearcable gear

cam gearcam gear

cargo-handling gearcargo-handling gear

chain gearchain gear

change gearchange gear

change-wheel gearchange-wheel gear

constant-mesh gearconstant-mesh gear

control gearcontrol gear

crowding gearcrowding gear

crown gearcrown gear

door geardoor gear

draft geardraft gear

draw-and-buffer geardraw-and-buffer gear

drive geardrive gear

driven geardriven gear

elliptical gearelliptical gear

fishing gearfishing gear

friction gearfriction gear

furnace-charging gearfurnace-charging gear

gear clustergear cluster

gear conegear cone

gear couplinggear coupling

gear cuttergear cutter

gear cuttinggear cutting

gear cutturgear cuttur

gear disengagesgear disengages

gear downgear down

gear engagesgear engages

gear facegear face

gear finishinggear finishing

gear hobgear hob

gear lockgear lock

gear millinggear milling

gear planergear planer

gear planninggear planning

gear pumpgear pump

gear ratiogear ratio

gear reducergear reducer

gear rimgear rim

gear ringgear ring

gear roundinggear rounding

gear setgear set

gear shapergear shaper

gear shapinggear shaping

gear shiftgear shift

gear treatinggear treating

gear treatmentgear treatment

grip geargrip gear

herring-bone gearherring-bone gear

hypoid gearhypoid gear

index gearindex gear

intermediate gearintermediate gear

landing gearlanding gear

left gearleft gear

link gearlink gear

lock gearlock gear

mooring gearmooring gear

nose gearnose gear

out of gearout of gear

pitch of gearpitch of gear

planyclic gearplanyclic gear

put in gearput in gear

rack-type gearrack-type gear

rapping gearrapping gear

reducing gearreducing gear

reverse gearreverse gear

reversing gearreversing gear

right gearright gear

running gearrunning gear

shift in gearshift in gear

ski landing gearski landing gear

sliding gearsliding gear

spur gearspur gear

steering gearsteering gear

step-down gearstep-down gear

sun gearsun gear

timing geartiming gear

top charging geartop charging gear

transmission geartransmission gear

valve gearvalve gear

valve-actuating gearvalve-actuating gear

worm gearworm gear

worm-and-worm gearworm-and-worm gear

accessory gearaccessory gear

Ackerman steering gearAckerman steering gear

additional change gearadditional change gear

admission gearadmission gear

aft landing gearaft landing gear

airscrew reduction gearairscrew reduction gear

airscrew reversing gearairscrew reversing gear

alighting gearalighting gear

amphibious landing gearamphibious landing gear

anchor handling gearanchor handling gear

antislide gearantislide gear

antiwheelspin gearantiwheelspin gear

arresting landing geararresting landing gear

audio gearaudio gear

auxiliary gearauxiliary gear

axle drive gearaxle drive gear

axle shaft gearaxle shaft gear

back gearback gear

badly meshing gearsbadly meshing gears

barring gearbarring gear

bar throw-off gearbar throw-off gear

beaching gearbeaching gear

bell-operating gearbell-operating gear

bell-type distributing gearbell-type distributing gear

bevel gearbevel gear

bevel spur gearbevel spur gear

blade stop gearblade stop gear

blasting gearblasting gear

boat-handling gearboat-handling gear

bottom gearbottom gear

bow anchor gearbow anchor gear

box-lifting gearbox-lifting gear

brake gearbrake gear

brush gearbrush gear

brush-lifting gearbrush-lifting gear

brush rocker gearbrush rocker gear

buffer gearbuffer gear

bull gearbull gear

cable gearcable gear

cam gearcam gear

cam-and-lever steering gearcam-and-lever steering gear

cam-and-peg steering gearcam-and-peg steering gear

cantilever landing gearcantilever landing gear

carburized gearcarburized gear

cardan gearcardan gear

cargo gearcargo gear

castor landing gearcastor landing gear

center coupler draft gearcenter coupler draft gear

chain gearchain gear

change gearchange gear

chargehole-opening gearchargehole-opening gear

cluster gearcluster gear

clutch gearclutch gear

coiler gearcoiler gear

collapsed landing gearcollapsed landing gear

composite gearcomposite gear

composite tooth profile gearcomposite tooth profile gear

cone gearcone gear

cone friction gearcone friction gear

connecting rod gearconnecting rod gear

constant-mesh gearconstant-mesh gear

control gearcontrol gear

crank gearcrank gear

creeper gearcreeper gear

crossed-axis helical gearcrossed-axis helical gear

crowding gearcrowding gear

crown gearcrown gear

damper geardamper gear

degaussing geardegaussing gear

differential geardifferential gear

differential change geardifferential change gear

discharging geardischarging gear

disconnecting geardisconnecting gear

distributing geardistributing gear

distributor geardistributor gear

door-extracting geardoor-extracting gear

door-lifting geardoor-lifting gear

door-operating geardoor-operating gear

double geardouble gear

double-reduction geardouble-reduction gear

double-wheel geardouble-wheel gear

draft geardraft gear

draw-buffing geardraw-buffing gear

drive geardrive gear

driven geardriven gear

driver geardriver gear

driving geardriving gear

dummy landing geardummy landing gear

dumping geardumping gear

eccentric geareccentric gear

echo sounding gearecho sounding gear

electric steering gearelectric steering gear

electrohydraulic steering gearelectrohydraulic steering gear

electromagnetic gearelectromagnetic gear

electromechanical steering gearelectromechanical steering gear

elliptical gearelliptical gear

emergency gearemergency gear

emergency landing gearemergency landing gear

engine gearengine gear

equalizing gearequalizing gear

equivalent helical gearequivalent helical gear

experimental gearexperimental gear

external gearexternal gear

face gearface gear

feed gearfeed gear

first gearfirst gear

fishing gearfishing gear

fixed gearfixed gear

fixed land ing gearfixed land ing gear

floating gearfloating gear

flotation landing gearflotation landing gear

flywheel ring gearflywheel ring gear

follower gearfollower gear

friction gearfriction gear

friction all-steel draft gearfriction all-steel draft gear

friction draft gearfriction draft gear

friction-rubber drait gearfriction-rubber drait gear

gate-operating geargate-operating gear

globoidal geargloboidal gear

governor geargovernor gear

ground gearground gear

hand-propelling gearhand-propelling gear

hardened gearhardened gear

helical gearhelical gear

herring-bone gearherring-bone gear

high gearhigh gear

high-capacity draft gearhigh-capacity draft gear

high-load carrying tooth gearhigh-load carrying tooth gear

high-ratio gearhigh-ratio gear

high-voltage gearhigh-voltage gear

hill-climbing gearhill-climbing gear

hoisting gearhoisting gear

holding-down gearholding-down gear

hull-equipped landing gearhull-equipped landing gear

hydraulic gearhydraulic gear

hydraulic draft gearhydraulic draft gear

hydraulic drive gearhydraulic drive gear

hydraulic-friction draft gearhydraulic-friction draft gear

hydraulic steering gearhydraulic steering gear

hypoid gearhypoid gear

hypoid-spiral bevel gearhypoid-spiral bevel gear

idle gearidle gear

idler gearidler gear

inadvertently retracted landing gearinadvertently retracted landing gear

increase gearincrease gear

index gearindex gear

interlocking gearinterlocking gear

internal gearinternal gear

involute gearinvolute gear

irreversible gearirreversible gear

jacking gearjacking gear

landing gearlanding gear

lantern gearlantern gear

launching gearlaunching gear

layshaft gearslayshaft gears

leveling gearleveling gear

lifting gearlifting gear

locking gearlocking gear

low gearlow gear

lubricating gearlubricating gear

magnetic gearmagnetic gear

main gearmain gear

main drive gearmain drive gear

main landing gearmain landing gear

mating gearmating gear

mechanical steering gearmechanical steering gear

metric gearmetric gear

miter gearmiter gear

module gearmodule gear

mooring gearmooring gear

multiengine gearmultiengine gear

multiplying gearmultiplying gear

netting gearnetting gear

nose landing gearnose landing gear

nylon gearnylon gear

oiling gearoiling gear

on-load tap-changing gearon-load tap-changing gear

pedal gearpedal gear

pick-off gearpick-off gear

pin gearpin gear

pinion gearpinion gear

piston valve gearpiston valve gear

planetary gearplanetary gear

point operating gearpoint operating gear

pontoon equipped landing gearpontoon equipped landing gear

poorly meshing gearspoorly meshing gears

positive valve gearpositive valve gear

power gearpower gear

power return gearpower return gear

prematurely retracted landing gearprematurely retracted landing gear

profile-modified spur gearprofile-modified spur gear

profile-shifted gearprofile-shifted gear

propeller gearpropeller gear

propeller planetary gearpropeller planetary gear

propulsion reduction gearpropulsion reduction gear

protective gearprotective gear

pulley gearpulley gear

pusher-control gearpusher-control gear

rack-and-pinion gearrack-and-pinion gear

racking gearracking gear

ram-type steering gearram-type steering gear

ratchet gearratchet gear

ratched-and-pawl gearratched-and-pawl gear

recirculating ball gearrecirculating ball gear

reducing gearreducing gear

reduction gearreduction gear

reference gearreference gear

release gearrelease gear

releasing gearreleasing gear

remote control gearremote control gear

retractable landing gearretractable landing gear

reverse gearreverse gear

reversing gearreversing gear

right-angle gearright-angle gear

ring gearring gear

rotation gearrotation gear

rotor intermediate gearrotor intermediate gear

rubber-hydraulic draft gearrubber-hydraulic draft gear

running gearrunning gear

saddle gearsaddle gear

safety gearsafety gear

sanding gearsanding gear

satellite gearsatellite gear

screw gearscrew gear

screw-down gearscrew-down gear

selective gearselective gear

selector gearselector gear

self-changing gearself-changing gear

self-locking gearself-locking gear

single-lever with rolling stud steering gearsingle-lever with rolling stud steering gear

single-lever with sliding stud steering gearsingle-lever with sliding stud steering gear

skew gearskew gear

skew bevel gearskew bevel gear

skid-equipped landing gearskid-equipped landing gear

ski-equipped landing gearski-equipped landing gear

slewing gearslewing gear

sliding gearsliding gear

solid gearsolid gear

spiral gearspiral gear

spiral bevel gearspiral bevel gear

spool gearspool gear

spooling gearspooling gear

spur gearspur gear

spur rack gearspur rack gear

star gearstar gear

starting gearstarting gear

stationary ring gearstationary ring gear

steering gearsteering gear

stepped gearstepped gear

stern anchor gearstern anchor gear

stop gearstop gear

straight bevel gearstraight bevel gear

sun gearsun gear

sun-and-planet gearsun-and-planet gear

switch gearswitch gear

switch release gearswitch release gear

swivel gearswivel gear

synchronizing gearsynchronizing gear

tailwheel landing geartailwheel landing gear

tappet geartappet gear

telemetering geartelemetering gear

throw-over gearthrow-over gear

thrust gearthrust gear

tilting geartilting gear

tipping geartipping gear

tooth geartooth gear

top geartop gear

top-charging geartop-charging gear

towing geartowing gear

trailer geartrailer gear

transmission geartransmission gear

traveling geartraveling gear

traverse geartraverse gear

traversing geartraversing gear

tricycle-equipped landing geartricycle-equipped landing gear

trip geartrip gear

triple helical geartriple helical gear

triple-change geartriple-change gear

tripping geartripping gear

turbocharger drive gearturbocharger drive gear

turning gearturning gear

twin-lever with rolling studs steering geartwin-lever with rolling studs steering gear

twin-lever with sliding studs steering geartwin-lever with sliding studs steering gear

uncoupling gearuncoupling gear

underload tap-changing gearunderload tap-changing gear

valve-actuating gearvalve-actuating gear

vane-type steering gearvane-type steering gear

variable-speed gearvariable-speed gear

wave gearwave gear

welded structure gearwelded structure gear

winding gearwinding gear

worm gearworm gear

worm-and-roller steering gearworm-and-roller steering gear

worm-and-sector steering gearworm-and-sector steering gear

gear blankgear blank

gear boxgear box

gear burnishinggear burnishing

gear casegear case

gear case covergear case cover

gear changegear change

gear clustergear cluster

gear clutchgear clutch

gear conegear cone

gear controlsgear controls

gear couplinggear coupling

gear cuttergear cutter

gear cuttinggear cutting

gear cutting hobgear cutting hob

gear cutturgear cuttur

gear disengagesgear disengages

gear downgear down

gear drivegear drive

gear engagesgear engages

gear facegear face

gear finishinggear finishing

gear generatorgear generator

gear greasegear grease

gear grindergear grinder

gear grindinggear grinding

gear headgear head

gear hobgear hob

gear hobbergear hobber

gear honinggear honing

gear hydraulic motorgear hydraulic motor

gear intogear into

gear lappinggear lapping

gear levergear lever

gear lockgear lock

gear locking mechanismgear locking mechanism

gear lubricantgear lubricant

gear lubricant deflectorgear lubricant deflector

gear millinggear milling

gear motorgear motor

gear oilgear oil

gear pairgear pair

gear planergear planer

gear planinggear planing

gear position transmittergear position transmitter

gear pumpgear pump

gear quadrantgear quadrant

gear ratiogear ratio

gear reducergear reducer

gear retainergear retainer

gear retracting mechanismgear retracting mechanism

gear retractiongear retraction

gear rimgear rim

gear ringgear ring

gear rollinggear rolling

gear rotational vibrationsgear rotational vibrations

gear roughing hobgear roughing hob

gear roundinggear rounding

gear segmentgear segment

gear setgear set

gear shaftgear shaft

gear shapergear shaper

gear shapiggear shapig

gear shapinggear shaping

gear shavinggear shaving

gear shiftgear shift

gear shift mechanismgear shift mechanism

gear shift transmissiongear shift transmission

gear shiftinggear shifting

gear sliding collargear sliding collar

gear streaksgear streaks

gear studgear stud

gear systemgear system

gear teeth spallinggear teeth spalling

gear togear to

gear toothgear tooth

gear tooth calipergear tooth caliper

gear traingear train

gear transmissiongear transmission

gear treatinggear treating

gear treatmentgear treatment

gear unitgear unit

gear upgear up

gear wheelgear wheel

gear-and-rack jackgear-and-rack jack






gear-cutting machinegear-cutting machine

gear-down lockgear-down lock



gear-grinding machinegear-grinding machine


gear-hobbing machinegear-hobbing machine




gear-measuring machinegear-measuring machine

gear-meshing frequencygear-meshing frequency

gear-milling cuttergear-milling cutter

gear-milling machinegear-milling machine

gear-operated cockgear-operated cock






gear-shaping cutter headgear-shaping cutter head

gear-shaping machinegear-shaping machine



gear-shaving machinegear-shaving machine


gear-shift modemgear-shift modem

gear-spacing tolerancegear-spacing tolerance


gear-tooth chamferinggear-tooth chamfering

gear-tooth micrometergear-tooth micrometer

gear-type pumpgear-type pump

gear-up lockgear-up lock


gear down gear into gear to gear up adjusting gear anchor-handling gear azimuth gear ball-and-disk gear barring gear bevel gear boat-handling gear brake gear brush gear buffer gear cable gear cam gear cargo-handling gear chain gear change gear change-wheel gear constant-mesh gear control gear crowding gear crown gear door gear draft gear draw-and-buffer gear drive gear driven gear elliptical gear fishing gear friction gear furnace-charging gear gear cluster gear cone gear coupling gear cutter gear cutting gear cuttur gear disengages gear down gear engages gear face gear finishing gear hob gear lock gear milling gear planer gear planning gear pump gear ratio gear reducer gear rim gear ring gear rounding gear set gear shaper gear shaping gear shift gear treating gear treatment grip gear herring-bone gear hypoid gear index gear intermediate gear landing gear left gear link gear lock gear mooring gear nose gear out of gear pitch of gear planyclic gear put in gear rack-type gear rapping gear reducing gear reverse gear reversing gear right gear running gear shift in gear ski landing gear sliding gear spur gear steering gear step-down gear sun gear timing gear top charging gear transmission gear valve gear valve-actuating gear worm gear worm-and-worm gear accessory gear Ackerman steering gear additional change gear admission gear aft landing gear airscrew reduction gear airscrew reversing gear alighting gear amphibious landing gear anchor handling gear antislide gear antiwheelspin gear arresting landing gear audio gear auxiliary gear axle drive gear axle shaft gear back gear badly meshing gears barring gear bar throw-off gear beaching gear bell-operating gear bell-type distributing gear bevel gear bevel spur gear blade stop gear blasting gear boat-handling gear bottom gear bow anchor gear box-lifting gear brake gear brush gear brush-lifting gear brush rocker gear buffer gear bull gear cable gear cam gear cam-and-lever steering gear cam-and-peg steering gear cantilever landing gear carburized gear cardan gear cargo gear castor landing gear center coupler draft gear chain gear change gear chargehole-opening gear cluster gear clutch gear coiler gear collapsed landing gear composite gear composite tooth profile gear cone gear cone friction gear connecting rod gear constant-mesh gear control gear crank gear creeper gear crossed-axis helical gear crowding gear crown gear damper gear degaussing gear differential gear differential change gear discharging gear disconnecting gear distributing gear distributor gear door-extracting gear door-lifting gear door-operating gear double gear double-reduction gear double-wheel gear draft gear draw-buffing gear drive gear driven gear driver gear driving gear dummy landing gear dumping gear eccentric gear echo sounding gear electric steering gear electrohydraulic steering gear electromagnetic gear electromechanical steering gear elliptical gear emergency gear emergency landing gear engine gear equalizing gear equivalent helical gear experimental gear external gear face gear feed gear first gear fishing gear fixed gear fixed land ing gear floating gear flotation landing gear flywheel ring gear follower gear friction gear friction all-steel draft gear friction draft gear friction-rubber drait gear gate-operating gear globoidal gear governor gear ground gear hand-propelling gear hardened gear helical gear herring-bone gear high gear high-capacity draft gear high-load carrying tooth gear high-ratio gear high-voltage gear hill-climbing gear hoisting gear holding-down gear hull-equipped landing gear hydraulic gear hydraulic draft gear hydraulic drive gear hydraulic-friction draft gear hydraulic steering gear hypoid gear hypoid-spiral bevel gear idle gear idler gear inadvertently retracted landing gear increase gear index gear interlocking gear internal gear involute gear irreversible gear jacking gear landing gear lantern gear launching gear layshaft gears leveling gear lifting gear locking gear low gear lubricating gear magnetic gear main gear main drive gear main landing gear mating gear mechanical steering gear metric gear miter gear module gear mooring gear multiengine gear multiplying gear netting gear nose landing gear nylon gear oiling gear on-load tap-changing gear pedal gear pick-off gear pin gear pinion gear piston valve gear planetary gear point operating gear pontoon equipped landing gear poorly meshing gears positive valve gear power gear power return gear prematurely retracted landing gear profile-modified spur gear profile-shifted gear propeller gear propeller planetary gear propulsion reduction gear protective gear pulley gear pusher-control gear rack-and-pinion gear racking gear ram-type steering gear ratchet gear ratched-and-pawl gear recirculating ball gear reducing gear reduction gear reference gear release gear releasing gear remote control gear retractable landing gear reverse gear reversing gear right-angle gear ring gear rotation gear rotor intermediate gear rubber-hydraulic draft gear running gear saddle gear safety gear sanding gear satellite gear screw gear screw-down gear selective gear selector gear self-changing gear self-locking gear single-lever with rolling stud steering gear single-lever with sliding stud steering gear skew gear skew bevel gear skid-equipped landing gear ski-equipped landing gear slewing gear sliding gear solid gear spiral gear spiral bevel gear spool gear spooling gear spur gear spur rack gear star gear starting gear stationary ring gear steering gear stepped gear stern anchor gear stop gear straight bevel gear sun gear sun-and-planet gear switch gear switch release gear swivel gear synchronizing gear tailwheel landing gear tappet gear telemetering gear throw-over gear thrust gear tilting gear tipping gear tooth gear top gear top-charging gear towing gear trailer gear transmission gear traveling gear traverse gear traversing gear tricycle-equipped landing gear trip gear triple helical gear triple-change gear tripping gear turbocharger drive gear turning gear twin-lever with rolling studs steering gear twin-lever with sliding studs steering gear uncoupling gear underload tap-changing gear valve-actuating gear vane-type steering gear variable-speed gear wave gear welded structure gear winding gear worm gear worm-and-roller steering gear worm-and-sector steering gear gear blank gear box gear burnishing gear case gear case cover gear change gear cluster gear clutch gear cone gear controls gear coupling gear cutter gear cutting gear cutting hob gear cuttur gear disengages gear down gear drive gear engages gear face gear finishing gear generator gear grease gear grinder gear grinding gear head gear hob gear hobber gear honing gear hydraulic motor gear into gear lapping gear lever gear lock gear locking mechanism gear lubricant gear lubricant deflector gear milling gear motor gear oil gear pair gear planer gear planing gear position transmitter gear pump gear quadrant gear ratio gear reducer gear retainer gear retracting mechanism gear retraction gear rim gear ring gear rolling gear rotational vibrations gear roughing hob gear rounding gear segment gear set gear shaft gear shaper gear shapig gear shaping gear shaving gear shift gear shift mechanism gear shift transmission gear shifting gear sliding collar gear streaks gear stud gear system gear teeth spalling gear to gear tooth gear tooth caliper gear train gear transmission gear treating gear treatment gear unit gear up gear wheel gear-and-rack jack gear-box gear-case gear-chamfering gear-cutter gear-cutting gear-cutting machine gear-down lock gear-drive gear-grinding gear-grinding machine gear-hobbing gear-hobbing machine gear-honing gear-lapping gear-measuring gear-measuring machine gear-meshing frequency gear-milling cutter gear-milling machine gear-operated cock gear-pinion gear-planing gear-ratio gear-shaft gear-shaping gear-shaping cutter head gear-shaping machine gear-sharpening gear-shaving gear-shaving machine gear-shift gear-shift modem gear-spacing tolerance gear-tooth gear-tooth chamfering gear-tooth micrometer gear-type pump gear-up lock gear-wheel

Pre packaged pump stations in fiberglass or steel construction

Integrated control systems in standard as well as custom designs are available in constant or variable speed

A full staff of factory trained engineers on hand to handle your specific inquiry Mixers/Hoists/Winches for standard or specialized applications, including OEM Variable Frequency Drives

pumps, mixers, hoists, winches, cranes, pump stations, water boosters and much other products for standard or specialized applications, including OEM products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems. We are offering vortex pumps, slurry pumps, agitator pumps, davit cranes, lifting devices, worm gears, pump stations, water boosters, mixed flowes, floating pumps, barge pumps, variable frequency drives, vfd's, recessed impellers, mixers, etc...

Factory trained personnel available for start up service and training on all equipment