Mid Atlantic Pump & Equipment Company offers products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems.

cargo cranecargo crane

charging cranecharging crane

clamshell craneclamshell crane

crane bucketcrane bucket

crane chaincrane chain

crane helicoptercrane helicopter

crane hookcrane hook

crane jibcrane jib

crane shipcrane ship

crane towercrane tower

crane trestlecrane trestle

crane trolleycrane trolley

crane truckcrane truck

crawler cranecrawler crane

derrick cranederrick crane

dock cranedock crane

hot-metal cranehot-metal crane

locomotive cranelocomotive crane

shipbuilding craneshipbuilding crane

stroke of cranestroke of crane

tower cranetower crane

trestle cranetrestle crane

truck cranetruck crane

truck-mounted cranetruck-mounted crane

wrecker cranewrecker crane

angle craneangle crane

arm cranearm crane

automated stacker craneautomated stacker crane

automatic grab craneautomatic grab crane

automotive-type craneautomotive-type crane

bail ladle cranebail ladle crane

balance cranebalance crane

bar cranebar crane

beam cranebeam crane

berth craneberth crane

block transport craneblock transport crane

bracket cranebracket crane

bracket-swing cranebracket-swing crane

bridge cranebridge crane

bucket cranebucket crane

cable cranecable crane

camera cranecamera crane

cantilever cranecantilever crane

caterpillar cranecaterpillar crane

charging cranecharging crane

charging box-magnet cranecharging box-magnet crane

climbing craneclimbing crane

column cranecolumn crane

column-mounted jib cranecolumn-mounted jib crane

container cranecontainer crane

crab cranecrab crane

crawler-mounted cranecrawler-mounted crane

creeper cranecreeper crane

deck-mounted cranedeck-mounted crane

derrick cranederrick crane

derricking jib cranederricking jib crane

dock cranedock crane

dockside cranedockside crane

dogging cranedogging crane

double-cantilever gantry cranedouble-cantilever gantry crane

double-girder traveling cranedouble-girder traveling crane

electric craneelectric crane

electric bridge craneelectric bridge crane

erecting craneerecting crane

fixed cranefixed crane

fixed boom cranefixed boom crane

floating cranefloating crane

frame craneframe crane

free path cranefree path crane

free standing cranefree standing crane

full-circle cranefull-circle crane

full-swing cranefull-swing crane

gantry cranegantry crane

Goliath craneGoliath crane

grab cranegrab crane

hammerhead cranehammerhead crane

hand-chain cranehand-chain crane

hand-operated cranehand-operated crane

hand-powered cranehand-powered crane

hoisting cranehoisting crane

hot-metal cranehot-metal crane

hydraulic cranehydraulic crane

ingot charging craneingot charging crane

ingot-stripping craneingot-stripping crane

jib cranejib crane

kangaroo cranekangaroo crane

ladle craneladle crane

lance handling cranelance handling crane

level-luffing cranelevel-luffing crane

lift cranelift crane

loading craneloading crane

locomotive cranelocomotive crane

lorry-mounted cranelorry-mounted crane

luffing jib craneluffing jib crane

magnetic cranemagnetic crane

mail cranemail crane

manual cranemanual crane

manually operated cranemanually operated crane

mechanical tower cranemechanical tower crane

ministacker craneministacker crane

mobile cranemobile crane

mold yard cranemold yard crane

monorail cranemonorail crane

monorail-wheeled column jib cranemonorail-wheeled column jib crane

motor-driven cranemotor-driven crane

overhead traveling craneoverhead traveling crane

pillar cranepillar crane

pipelayer cranepipelayer crane

pit cranepit crane

pneumatic cranepneumatic crane

pontoon cranepontoon crane

portable craneportable crane

portable floor craneportable floor crane

portal jib craneportal jib crane

post jib cranepost jib crane

pouring cranepouring crane

push-pull stripper cranepush-pull stripper crane

rail-laying cranerail-laying crane

railway cranerailway crane

revolving cranerevolving crane

rotary cranerotary crane

rotary tower cranerotary tower crane

rubber-tire cranerubber-tire crane

runabout cranerunabout crane

scrap yard cranescrap yard crane

self-propelled craneself-propelled crane

semigantry cranesemigantry crane

semiportal cranesemiportal crane

ship craneship crane

single-girder cranesingle-girder crane

single-girder overrunning cranesingle-girder overrunning crane

single-girder traveling cranesingle-girder traveling crane

single-girder underrunning cranesingle-girder underrunning crane

skid-mounted craneskid-mounted crane

slag-pot craneslag-pot crane

slewing craneslewing crane

space cranespace crane

stacker cranestacker crane

stamp work's cranestamp work's crane

stripping cranestripping crane

swing craneswing crane

swing jib craneswing jib crane

switch laying craneswitch laying crane

teeming craneteeming crane

telescoping-boom cranetelescoping-boom crane

tie cranetie crane

Titan craneTitan crane

tower cranetower crane

tractor cranetractor crane

transporter cranetransporter crane

transshipment cranetransshipment crane

traveling cranetraveling crane

traveling-bridge cranetraveling-bridge crane

traversing cranetraversing crane

truck-mounted cranetruck-mounted crane

turnaround charging craneturnaround charging crane

turning craneturning crane

walking cranewalking crane

wall cranewall crane

wall-track jib cranewall-track jib crane

water cranewater crane

wheel-mounted cranewheel-mounted crane

whirley cranewhirley crane

wreck cranewreck crane

yard jib craneyard jib crane

crane armcrane arm

crane balancecrane balance

crane beamcrane beam

crane boomcrane boom

crane bridgecrane bridge

crane bucketcrane bucket

crane cabincrane cabin

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crane chaincrane chain

crane controllercrane controller

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crane dollycrane dolly

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crane grabcrane grab

crane helicoptercrane helicopter

crane hookcrane hook

crane jibcrane jib

crane magnetcrane magnet

crane motorcrane motor

crane operatorcrane operator

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crane postcrane post

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crane scalescrane scales

crane shipcrane ship

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crane shotcrane shot

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crane trackcrane track

crane trestlecrane trestle

crane trolleycrane trolley

crane truckcrane truck

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crane way girdercrane way girder




crane-type dollycrane-type dolly

cargo crane charging crane clamshell crane crane bucket crane chain crane helicopter crane hook crane jib crane ship crane tower crane trestle crane trolley crane truck crawler crane derrick crane dock crane hot-metal crane locomotive crane shipbuilding crane stroke of crane tower crane trestle crane truck crane truck-mounted crane wrecker crane angle crane arm crane automated stacker crane automatic grab crane automotive-type crane bail ladle crane balance crane bar crane beam crane berth crane block transport crane bracket crane bracket-swing crane bridge crane bucket crane cable crane camera crane cantilever crane caterpillar crane charging crane charging box-magnet crane climbing crane column crane column-mounted jib crane container crane crab crane crawler-mounted crane creeper crane deck-mounted crane derrick crane derricking jib crane dock crane dockside crane dogging crane double-cantilever gantry crane double-girder traveling crane electric crane electric bridge crane erecting crane fixed crane fixed boom crane floating crane frame crane free path crane free standing crane full-circle crane full-swing crane gantry crane Goliath crane grab crane hammerhead crane hand-chain crane hand-operated crane hand-powered crane hoisting crane hot-metal crane hydraulic crane ingot charging crane ingot-stripping crane jib crane kangaroo crane ladle crane lance handling crane level-luffing crane lift crane loading crane locomotive crane lorry-mounted crane luffing jib crane magnetic crane mail crane manual crane manually operated crane mechanical tower crane ministacker crane mobile crane mold yard crane monorail crane monorail-wheeled column jib crane motor-driven crane overhead traveling crane pillar crane pipelayer crane pit crane pneumatic crane pontoon crane portable crane portable floor crane portal jib crane post jib crane pouring crane push-pull stripper crane rail-laying crane railway crane revolving crane rotary crane rotary tower crane rubber-tire crane runabout crane scrap yard crane self-propelled crane semigantry crane semiportal crane ship crane single-girder crane single-girder overrunning crane single-girder traveling crane single-girder underrunning crane skid-mounted crane slag-pot crane slewing crane space crane stacker crane stamp work's crane stripping crane swing crane swing jib crane switch laying crane teeming crane telescoping-boom crane tie crane Titan crane tower crane tractor crane transporter crane transshipment crane traveling crane traveling-bridge crane traversing crane truck-mounted crane turnaround charging crane turning crane walking crane wall crane wall-track jib crane water crane wheel-mounted crane whirley crane wreck crane yard jib crane crane arm crane balance crane beam crane boom crane bridge crane bucket crane cabin crane cable crane chain crane controller crane crab crane dolly crane electrical equipment crane foot crane girder crane grab crane helicopter crane hook crane jib crane magnet crane motor crane operator crane pillar crane portal crane post crane pulley crane radius crane rail crane runway crane runway beam crane scales crane ship crane shooting crane shot crane tower crane track crane trestle crane trolley crane truck crane way crane way girder crane's-bill crane-fly crane-manipulator crane-type dolly

Pre packaged pump stations in fiberglass or steel construction

Integrated control systems in standard as well as custom designs are available in constant or variable speed

A full staff of factory trained engineers on hand to handle your specific inquiry Mixers/Hoists/Winches for standard or specialized applications, including OEM Variable Frequency Drives

pumps, mixers, hoists, winches, cranes, pump stations, water boosters and much other products for standard or specialized applications, including OEM products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems. We are offering vortex pumps, slurry pumps, agitator pumps, davit cranes, lifting devices, worm gears, pump stations, water boosters, mixed flowes, floating pumps, barge pumps, variable frequency drives, vfd's, recessed impellers, mixers, etc...

Factory trained personnel available for start up service and training on all equipment