Mid Atlantic Pump & Equipment Company offers products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems.

oral cavityoral cavity

beer-barrel cavitybeer-barrel cavity

cavity adjustmentcavity adjustment

cavity dumpingcavity dumping

cavity flowcavity flow

cavity gapcavity gap

cavity lasercavity laser

cavity resonatorcavity resonator

cleaved-coupled cavitycleaved-coupled cavity

corrosion cavitycorrosion cavity

die cavitydie cavity

focal cavityfocal cavity

lighthouse cavitylighthouse cavity

multigap cavitymultigap cavity

passive cavitypassive cavity

resonant cavityresonant cavity

shrinkage cavityshrinkage cavity

stratification cavitystratification cavity

adjustable cavityadjustable cavity

air cavityair cavity

aligned cavityaligned cavity

beer-barrel cavitybeer-barrel cavity

bimodal cavitybimodal cavity

bistable cavitybistable cavity

built-in cavitybuilt-in cavity

chip Fabry-Perot cavitychip Fabry-Perot cavity

circular cavitycircular cavity

coaxial cavitycoaxial cavity

collimated-output cavitycollimated-output cavity

concave-convex cavityconcave-convex cavity

concentric cavityconcentric cavity

confocal cavityconfocal cavity

contraction cavitycontraction cavity

corrosion cavitycorrosion cavity

coupled cavitiescoupled cavities

degenerate cavitydegenerate cavity

disk stylus cavitydisk stylus cavity

dislocation cavitydislocation cavity

double-concave cavitydouble-concave cavity

double-gap cavitydouble-gap cavity

double-phase-conjugate cavitydouble-phase-conjugate cavity

drain cavitydrain cavity

duplex cavityduplex cavity

edge-coupled cavityedge-coupled cavity

elliptical cavityelliptical cavity

elongated cavityelongated cavity

end cavityend cavity

exposure cavityexposure cavity

externally driven cavityexternally driven cavity

fixed cavityfixed cavity

folded cavityfolded cavity

frequency-selective cavityfrequency-selective cavity

gas cavitygas cavity

grain boundary cavitiesgrain boundary cavities

guide cavityguide cavity

grating cavitygrating cavity

guide cavityguide cavity

high-gain cavityhigh-gain cavity

highly regenerative cavityhighly regenerative cavity

high Q cavityhigh Q cavity

integral cavityintegral cavity

integrated cavityintegrated cavity

interferometer cavityinterferometer cavity

iris-coupled cavitiesiris-coupled cavities

laser cavitylaser cavity

lasing cavitylasing cavity

loaded cavityloaded cavity

lossless cavitylossless cavity

lossy cavitylossy cavity

low-loss cavitylow-loss cavity

magazine receiving cavitymagazine receiving cavity

maser cavitymaser cavity

matched cavitymatched cavity

mechanical seal cavitymechanical seal cavity

microwave cavitymicrowave cavity

mirrorless cavitymirrorless cavity

mode-selective cavitymode-selective cavity

mold cavitymold cavity

multimode cavitymultimode cavity

multiple-pass cavitymultiple-pass cavity

narrow-band cavitynarrow-band cavity

optically coupled cavitiesoptically coupled cavities

outpot cavityoutpot cavity

parallel-mirror cavityparallel-mirror cavity

parallel-plane cavityparallel-plane cavity

phase conjugate cavityphase conjugate cavity

pipe cavitypipe cavity

plane-concave cavityplane-concave cavity

plane-parallel cavityplane-parallel cavity

pumping cavitypumping cavity

reactor cavityreactor cavity

reentrant cavityreentrant cavity

reference cavityreference cavity

resonant cavityresonant cavity

ring cavityring cavity

seal cavityseal cavity

seal leakage cavityseal leakage cavity

selective cavityselective cavity

shrinkage cavityshrinkage cavity

single-frequency cavitysingle-frequency cavity

single-gap cavitysingle-gap cavity

single-mode cavitysingle-mode cavity

spacing cavityspacing cavity

temperature-compensated cavitytemperature-compensated cavity

thermostatically controlled cavitythermostatically controlled cavity

total-internal-reflection cavitytotal-internal-reflection cavity

transmission-type cavitytransmission-type cavity

tunable cavitytunable cavity

variable gap cavityvariable gap cavity

wavelength-selective cavitywavelength-selective cavity

X-ray cavityX-ray cavity

cavity adjustmentcavity adjustment

cavity antennacavity antenna

cavity band-pass filtercavity band-pass filter

cavity blemishcavity blemish

cavity blockcavity block

cavity brickcavity brick

cavity brickworkcavity brickwork

cavity chimneycavity chimney

cavity circuitcavity circuit

cavity couplingcavity coupling

cavity dumpercavity dumper

cavity dumpingcavity dumping

cavity end mirrorcavity end mirror

cavity filtercavity filter

cavity flipping modecavity flipping mode

cavity flowcavity flow

cavity forcepscavity forceps

cavity frequency metercavity frequency meter

cavity gapcavity gap

cavity gridcavity grid

cavity lasercavity laser

cavity linercavity liner

cavity magnetroncavity magnetron

cavity masercavity maser

cavity methodcavity method

cavity mirrorcavity mirror

cavity modecavity mode

cavity of concheacavity of conchea

cavity of pellucid septumcavity of pellucid septum

cavity oscillatorcavity oscillator

cavity packagecavity package

cavity pocketcavity pocket

cavity pyrheliometercavity pyrheliometer

cavity radiometercavity radiometer

cavity reflectorcavity reflector

cavity resonance bandwidthcavity resonance bandwidth

cavity resonance effectcavity resonance effect

cavity resonatorcavity resonator

cavity solar receivercavity solar receiver

cavity spacecavity space

cavity tamponcavity tampon

cavity transfer mixercavity transfer mixer

cavity wallcavity wall

cavity wavemetercavity wavemeter

cavity-coupled filtercavity-coupled filter

cavity-type amplifiercavity-type amplifier

cavity-type photodiodecavity-type photodiode

cavity-up type carriercavity-up type carrier

oral cavity beer-barrel cavity cavity adjustment cavity dumping cavity flow cavity gap cavity laser cavity resonator cleaved-coupled cavity corrosion cavity die cavity focal cavity lighthouse cavity multigap cavity passive cavity resonant cavity shrinkage cavity stratification cavity adjustable cavity air cavity aligned cavity beer-barrel cavity bimodal cavity bistable cavity built-in cavity chip Fabry-Perot cavity circular cavity coaxial cavity collimated-output cavity concave-convex cavity concentric cavity confocal cavity contraction cavity corrosion cavity coupled cavities degenerate cavity disk stylus cavity dislocation cavity double-concave cavity double-gap cavity double-phase-conjugate cavity drain cavity duplex cavity edge-coupled cavity elliptical cavity elongated cavity end cavity exposure cavity externally driven cavity fixed cavity folded cavity frequency-selective cavity gas cavity grain boundary cavities guide cavity grating cavity guide cavity high-gain cavity highly regenerative cavity high Q cavity integral cavity integrated cavity interferometer cavity iris-coupled cavities laser cavity lasing cavity loaded cavity lossless cavity lossy cavity low-loss cavity magazine receiving cavity maser cavity matched cavity mechanical seal cavity microwave cavity mirrorless cavity mode-selective cavity mold cavity multimode cavity multiple-pass cavity narrow-band cavity optically coupled cavities outpot cavity parallel-mirror cavity parallel-plane cavity phase conjugate cavity pipe cavity plane-concave cavity plane-parallel cavity pumping cavity reactor cavity reentrant cavity reference cavity resonant cavity ring cavity seal cavity seal leakage cavity selective cavity shrinkage cavity single-frequency cavity single-gap cavity single-mode cavity spacing cavity temperature-compensated cavity thermostatically controlled cavity total-internal-reflection cavity transmission-type cavity tunable cavity variable gap cavity wavelength-selective cavity X-ray cavity cavity adjustment cavity antenna cavity band-pass filter cavity blemish cavity block cavity brick cavity brickwork cavity chimney cavity circuit cavity coupling cavity dumper cavity dumping cavity end mirror cavity filter cavity flipping mode cavity flow cavity forceps cavity frequency meter cavity gap cavity grid cavity laser cavity liner cavity magnetron cavity maser cavity method cavity mirror cavity mode cavity of conchea cavity of pellucid septum cavity oscillator cavity package cavity pocket cavity pyrheliometer cavity radiometer cavity reflector cavity resonance bandwidth cavity resonance effect cavity resonator cavity solar receiver cavity space cavity tampon cavity transfer mixer cavity wall cavity wavemeter cavity-coupled filter cavity-type amplifier cavity-type photodiode cavity-up type carrier

Pre packaged pump stations in fiberglass or steel construction

Integrated control systems in standard as well as custom designs are available in constant or variable speed

A full staff of factory trained engineers on hand to handle your specific inquiry Mixers/Hoists/Winches for standard or specialized applications, including OEM Variable Frequency Drives

pumps, mixers, hoists, winches, cranes, pump stations, water boosters and much other products for standard or specialized applications, including OEM products for all services ranging from the smallest sizes up to 1,000 HP systems. We are offering vortex pumps, slurry pumps, agitator pumps, davit cranes, lifting devices, worm gears, pump stations, water boosters, mixed flowes, floating pumps, barge pumps, variable frequency drives, vfd's, recessed impellers, mixers, etc...

Factory trained personnel available for start up service and training on all equipment